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The Fallen
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The Austrian artistic group gold extra produces artworks in and in between Fine Arts, Performance, Music, Hybrid Media. They are engaged in constant research in innovative art forms to create the matching formal environment for their ideas. gold extra members have created a great number of projects that transcend the boundaries between Fine Arts and performance, which have been presented at festivals such as the Ars Electronica Nightline (A), the european media art festival, CyNetArt Dresden (both D), Doppelgängerfestival (cultural capital Linz09) among others as well as international performance and film festivals


About the group

gold extra started in 1998 as a theatre company, but swiftly moved into other fields. They became a multidisciplinary network and platform for artistic production. Their first game FRONTIERS was a Total Conversion of the Shooter Half-Life 2, a converted multiplayer shooter that let you take the role of a european refugee or a border guard. It was featured countless media outlets around the world and is permanently exhibited in Europe's biggest media art museum, the ZKM. Other games gold extra made so fare were: TOTEMS SOUND, SOLE CITY and FROM DARKNESS. gold extra usually works (also besides their games) with a tremendous amount of technology and real-time media, a tendency to develop further in the upcoming years.



SOLE CITY (Android/iOS, 2015) Vimeo

Totem's Sound (PC/Mac, 2014) YouTube

FRONTIERS Trailer IV (PC, 2011) Vimeo

FRONTIERS Research (2007) YouTube



There are far more images available for gold extra, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

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Awards & Recognition

  • "Outstanding Artist Award" - Vienna, 2012
  • "Media Art Award Salzburg. FROM DARKNESS" - Hallein, 2012
  • "Mod of the month for FRONTIERS" - Gee Magazine, 2009
  • "Robert-Junk Award" - Salzburg, 2013
  • "Permanent Exibitions of FRONTIERS and FROM DARKNESS at Europe's biggest Media Art Museum ZKM" - Karlsruhe, 2010 - ongoing

Selected Articles

  • "The Austrian artist collective has achieved to create something completely new by its (...) Mod FRONTIERS "
    - GEE-Magazin: Reason to vote FRONTIERS the "Mod of the Month"., Gee Magazin
  • "FRONTIERS is a really different and unique mod, an awsome game. We had a lot of fun playing this.""
    - , ECF - European Cultural Forum
  • "Press quote about e.g. TOTEMS SOUND"
    - Pretentious Bastard, Artsy Page
  • "Press quote about e.g. SOLE CITY"
    - Caps Guy, Angry Review

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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Reinhold Bidner
gold extra media artist

Tobias Hammerle
gold extra media artist

Georg Hobmeier
gold extra media artist

Sonja Prlic
gold extra media artist

Karl Zechenter
gold extra media artist

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